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Technology in Small Business: The Role of AI and Chatbots

Technology use such as AI and Chatbots in Small Business

Small business owners today must incorporate advanced technologies like AI and automation into their operations. AI promises increased efficiency and competitive advantage. However, they also come with considerations: financial implications and the necessity for ongoing management and expertise. Understanding the Implications of AI The allure of AI in automating business processes is great, but often, […]

When is a website a waste of time for a small business?

Small business owner are crafting a plan for a website development for their rural business in Alberta

Many believe that every brick-and-mortar business needs a website, no matter where it is, what it sells, or who its customers are. However, when it comes to rural businesses in Alberta, the landscape is a bit different. After helping small rural businesses, I’ve learned that quickly making a website may not always be the best […]