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Empowering Rural Alberta Businesses: Valley Alfa's Mission in the Digital World

At Valley Alfa, our mission is to revolutionize the digital landscape for rural Alberta businesses. We are dedicated to empowering businesses in rural communities by providing them with the tools, expertise, and creative solutions needed to thrive in the online world. Through our data-driven strategies, tailored services, and collaborative approach, we aim to bridge the gap between traditional and digital marketing, unlocking the limitless potential of the digital realm for businesses across various industries. Our passion lies in driving growth, visibility, and success for our clients, propelling them to new heights in the digital age.

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Image of a successful entrepreneur gazing into the distance, symbolizing Valley Alfa's vision of enabling growth and prosperity for our small business clients.
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Embracing Digital Excellence: Valley Alfa's Vision

At Valley Alfa, our vision is to be the driving force behind rural Alberta’s digital transformation. We strive to be the go-to digital marketing agency that empowers businesses in rural communities to excel online and embrace the opportunities of the digital age. Our vision centers on fostering innovation, creativity, and continuous improvement in all aspects of digital marketing, enabling our clients to not only thrive but lead in the dynamic digital landscape.

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Davis Prizgintas

Davis, an integral member of the Valley Alfa team, brings a unique blend of expertise to the table. His academic journey began at the Lithuanian University of Health Sciences and Ulm University, where he earned a Master’s Degree in Medicine. His passion for integrating technology with health led him to further his education in Computer Science at the University of Calgary.

His diverse background does not stop there. Davis has pursued a range of professional certifications, expanding his skill set to encompass the ever-evolving field of digital marketing. His achievements include certifications in Instagram Marketing, Digital Marketing & E-commerce, and online customer engagement, all awarded by Google. He’s also adept in programming languages like JavaScript and SQL, with certifications from Codecademy.

Davis’s unique fusion of medical knowledge, computer science, and digital marketing make him an invaluable asset to our team. His innovative approach and comprehensive understanding of diverse fields enable him to strategize and execute digital solutions that not only reach but exceed our clients’ goals.

More than his skills and expertise, Davis embodies the values of rural Alberta – integrity, community, and resilience. This perspective drives his commitment to empowering small businesses, helping them navigate the digital landscape, and fostering their growth amidst the towering giants of the industry. With Davis, our clients are in expert hands.

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Image of Deivydas Prizgintas, the President of Valley Alfa, a dedicated leader with a diverse background in medicine and computer science, driving the mission to empower small businesses in Alberta.


Adam McCarthy

Adam McCarthy, a key pillar of the Valley Alfa team, guides our strategy, business analysis, and design processes. With a rich background that includes a Certificate in Business Analysis from Mount Royal University, training in Graphic Design and Business Communications from Red River College, and a license to trade real estate in Alberta, Adam’s multifaceted expertise allows him to co-create branding and marketing strategies that resonate deeply with diverse audiences.

Adam’s career path demonstrates his versatility and ability to adapt to diverse roles. At Meals on Wheels, he developed brand voices, designed stationery, and led national print campaigns. As a business strategist and analyst for Keyera and AltaGas, he elicited business requirements, identified opportunities for improvement, and crafted meaningful software experiences.

Having worked across all regions of Alberta, Adam brings unique insights into both rural and metropolitan dynamics. This includes facilitating training in rural locales such as Drayton Valley and Fort McMurray, to volunteering for a Local Development Plan where he understood the delicate balance between progress and conservation.

Adam’s diverse experiences make him an invaluable asset to Valley Alfa. His hands-on approach, combined with his innate ability to resonate with diverse audiences, guarantees the success of our branding and marketing strategies. Adam’s dedication to the core values of rural Alberta – integrity, community, and resilience, further ensures a meaningful and effective partnership for our clients with Valley Alfa.

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At Valley Alfa, we follow a systematic, data-driven approach to ensure optimal outcomes for your business. Our process begins with understanding your specific needs, followed by devising a customized strategy, implementing effective solutions, and continuously monitoring and refining these strategies for continual growth. This meticulous approach ensures we deliver results that matter to you.


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